Pastor Keith P. Hudson is a native of Michigan and was born in Detroit. He accepted Christ at the age of 19. After receiving the Holy Spirit in his life, he began to pursue God’s heart. He encountered God during his daily prayer routine, where he experienced God’s love through a light that appeared in his prayer room. He attended Assembly of God Bible College.

He has been Ministering for over 27 years, serving the local church. In 2001, he was called to start Consuming Fire Christian Center and serve as Senior Pastor.

He has been married to Bernadette for 43 years and has three children, Stefan, Stacey, and Sharita, and 7 grandchildren.

He ministered in Pakistan Karachi.

His ministry has documented healings, signs, miracles, and wonders.

He just wrote his first books, “The Secrets of the Healing Power,” “Supernatural AfterCare,” and “Supernatural Healing and Prayer Journal.

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