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Members of Consuming Fire Christian Center and their families living in the same
household can request use of Dining room facilities for Weddings, repasts, birthday parties,
celebration events for no charge. However, if gas and electric appliances are used, the cost
for usage of the utilities service may additional charges. The usage will be based on the current
utilities (gas, electrical and water) rates. CFCC believe that tithed giving members have a
right to use the facilities at no cost. However, there is fee for cleanup, if members do not clean up; in addition use of certain requested equipment and its operations, and security. All requests should be submitted asap, so that it can be scheduled and avoid scheduling conflict.

Please attained CFCC Facility Reservation Request and Agreement form from the Office.
The designee and/ or Deacon’s board will approve all requests for use of the facility. Priority is
designated to official church functions and needs.

  1. Alcohol, Cursing & Smoking Policy: No alcohol may be served in church facilities. No
    cursing and smoking are allowed within the church buildings.
  2. Groups are restricted to only those areas of the facility that the group has reserved.
  3. Food and beverages should remain within the fellowship hall or approved areas.
  4. Church equipment, such as tables and chairs, must be returned to original placement,
    unless arranged otherwise prior to the event.
  5. Round tables, tablecloths, and curtains will not be loaned out or leave the church
    campus. If tablecloths are used, they must be cleaned (laundered) and returned to the
    church within one week.
  6. All lights must be turned off, gas to stoves, etc. must be turn off and doors locked upon
  7. Clean-up is the responsibility of the group. If the facilities are not cleaned up
    adequately a $150 (subject to change) cleaning fee may be assessed. Normal fee for
    cleanup is $150 (subject to change) per event (This is fee paid to person that has to clean-up
    after event)
  8. Abusive or foul language, violent behavior, and drug or alcohol abuse are strictly
    prohibited while using church facilities. Any person exhibiting such behavior will be
    required to leave the premise.
  9. Any person or group must sign the “CFCC Facility Reservation Request and Agreement
    form” form prior to reservation of church facilities.
  10. There is a standard $250 deposit fee for rental of the facility. For members the deposit
    will be returned after the event. The non-members deposit will be returned after
    the all applicable fee are paid.
  11. Use of the facility for ministries not related to CFCC and non-members will be assess
    based on usage as follows:
    a. Any use of the sanctuary for ministry events not related to CFCC, the cost
    will compensate the individuals involved in setup and break down (If need)
    as well as the hiring of a media team representative to be present at the
    event rehearsal and service. Audio and visual equipment may not be used or
    moved by anyone outside of the church’s media team. Depending on the event and
    what is required a deposit may be required.

    b. For non-members, the event will be assessed based on the required needs
  12. and total cost provided, which may include a deposit.
  13. Mandatory “facilities walk and talk” must be scheduled two weeks prior to the
    event. The church members and event planners must be present to talk through the
    staff their responsibilities and to communicate clearly their requested plans (i.e.
    wedding setup details, etc.)
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