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Sunday Morning Encounter

February 11 @ 11:00 am - 1:30 pm

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What to Except at our Services:

Attending a Sunday Morning Worship service at a Pentecostal church can be a vibrant, spirited experience, characterized by enthusiastic worship, a strong sense of community, and an emphasis on the Holy Spirit’s presence and gifts. While practices can vary from one Pentecostal congregation to another, here are some common elements you might expect:

  1. Lively Worship: Pentecostal services are known for their lively, dynamic worship. This includes contemporary Christian music, hymns, and spontaneous singing, often accompanied by a band. Worship can be quite expressive, with congregants raising their hands, clapping, standing and sometimes dancing.
  2. Speaking in Tongues: One of the distinctive practices in many Pentecostal churches is speaking in tongues (glossolalia), which is considered one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This may occur during worship as a form of prayer or praise.
  3. Prayer for Healing and Prophecy: Pentecostals believe in the gifts of healing and prophecy. It’s not uncommon for there to be a time during the service when individuals can come forward to receive prayer for physical or emotional healing. Prophetic messages or words of knowledge might also be shared, believed to be inspired by the Holy Spirit.
  4. Energetic Preaching: Sermons in Pentecostal churches are often passionate and aimed at stirring the congregation to a deeper faith and commitment to Christ. Preachers may encourage vocal responses from the congregation, creating a dynamic and interactive atmosphere.
  5. Altar Calls: At the end of the sermon, there’s often an altar call, inviting those who wish to make a new commitment to Christ or seek a deeper spiritual experience to come forward for prayer. This can be a time of significant emotional expression.
  6. Testimonies: Sharing testimonies of personal experiences of God’s intervention and blessings is a common feature. These testimonies serve to encourage faith and build community among the congregation.
  7. Emphasis on the Holy Spirit: The service will strongly emphasize the work and presence of the Holy Spirit, including discussions on being filled or baptized in the Holy Spirit as an empowering experience for believers.
  8. Community and Fellowship: Many Pentecostal churches have a strong sense of community. There might be opportunities for fellowship before or after the service, allowing congregants to build relationships and support each other in their faith journey.

Pentecostal services are marked by a warm, welcoming atmosphere, where expressions of faith and emotion are openly encouraged. The focus is on a personal, transformative encounter with God through the Holy Spirit. If you’re planning to attend, going with an open heart and mind can help you fully experience and understand the service.


February 11
11:00 am - 1:30 pm
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